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Discover Israel: A beautiful country fit for all ages! 1

By Al Shams Conexx: America Israel Business Connector has been taking delegations to Israel for 24 years, offering them a view into the country’s leading-edge technology and innovations. Israel has a business-friendly ecosystem that has spawned numerous startups that have become significant companies. Over the years, Conexx’s efforts have resulted in significant economic growth for… Read More

Lidia and Israel Peljovich’s recent projects include the restoration of 500-year-old synagogue doors from Spain.

In many of the fabulous homes covered in my Chai-Style Homes column, two names pop up: Yaacov Golan (unique lighting) and Israel Peljovich, the go-to guy for master-crafted woodwork, dining and kitchen tables, chairs, buffets, shelving, cabinets, built-ins, and vanities. Peljovich, a spicy, gregarious grandfather, emigrated from Cuba in 1959 and made a circuitous path… Read More